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                文章來源:海南盛邦翻譯有限公司  發布時間:2019-03-12 11:42:29  瀏覽次數:624

                現代化的發展越來越快,人們紛紛開始了解到保險的重要性,保險涉及到的方面非常廣泛,而保險翻譯也漸漸地不㊣ 可忽視,下面跟著證件翻★譯公司一起看看保險翻譯』有怎樣的註意事項?

                  With the rapid development of modernization, people have begun to understand the importance of insurance. Insurance involves a wide range of aspects, and insurance translation can not be ignored gradually. Now follow the certificate translation company to see what should be paid attention to in insurance translation.


                  I. Translators should have insurance expertise


                  The first step in translating well is to have a thorough understanding of the original. If you can't read the original, it's hard to start translating. Insurance interpreters should have background knowledge in different fields such as property insurance, transportation insurance, engineering insurance, life insurance and aerospace insurance. The wider the interpreter's involvement in political, legal, medical, economic, scientific and technological, engineering and other fields, the better.


                  2. Skillful command of translation ability between China and foreign countries

                  熟練駕馭中「外互譯能力是做好保險翻譯工作的前提條件。這而是要收服对方樣在面對中文稿件翻譯外文①,或者外文稿件翻譯中文,處理起來都能夠得你们心應手。尤其要熟悉這兩種語言№的結構特征,才能保︾證譯文的準確性。否則,就會曲黑熊王解原文的意思,造成誤譯。譯者必須¤掌握一定的詞匯量和語法結構,有不同的思維模式,對中外的相關文化背景了解◤通透,這樣才能在翻譯過程中考慮Ψ 到讀者的文化差ω別,更好的翻№譯稿件。

                  Proficiency in Chinese-foreign translation is a prerequisite for doing a good job in insurance translation. In this way, in the face of translation of Chinese manuscripts into foreign languages, or translation of foreign manuscripts into Chinese, can be handled with ease. In particular, it is necessary to be familiar with the structural features of these two languages so as to ensure the accuracy of the translation. Otherwise, the meaning of the original text will be misinterpreted, resulting in mistranslation. Translators must master a certain vocabulary and grammar structure, have different thinking modes, and have a thorough understanding of the relevant cultural background of China and foreign countries, so as to take into account the cultural differences of readers in the process of translation and better translate manuscripts.


                  3. Text should be the basic unit of translation


                  Like other translations, on the basis of a thorough understanding of the manuscript, insurance translation should also take text as the basic unit,  translate accurately and smoothly, and achieve the three principles of translation: "faithfulness", "elegance" and "expressiveness". The advantages of  discourse as a unit are prominent. Text as a unit can better achieve the reductive degree of the translation and the original text, and be faithful to the original text.


                  4. It should be checked again and again after translation.


                  The translator should keep the good habit of checking the translation repeatedly after it is finished. Make a comprehensive check on the accuracy, flexibility, conciseness and grammar of the translation. Insurance translation belongs to the category of science and technology. Accuracy and conciseness are its basic requirements. The translator needs to carefully study the words and sentences of the manuscript.